I am an Australian language assistant in Spain and today my students drew me a picture of a kangaroo playing the didgeridoo. Traditionally, only men play the didgeridoo and sing during ceremonial occasions – not kangaroos. My students have much to learn.

Most number of pizza slices I’ve eaten in one sitting: six

Most satisfying experience in Spain: watching a group of women trying to walk across the beach in heels.



  1. Hey! I’m also from Melbourne and just stumbled across your blog, loving it!
    I’m applying for a 6 month language assistant program in Spain too- however I am hearing really worrying things about the disorganisation of the program, particularly in regard to late payment. A lot of blogs that deal with it are American, who haven’t used profex- I was wondering if I could get some feedback from you about the application process and perhaps about your experience teaching? I’d love to hear from you!

    • Hi Claire! Thanks for the feedback.
      The program is certainly disorganised…theres no doubt about it. But it’s kind of hit and miss, and at the end of the day Im still really glad im here. At the moment at my school I get paid on time.
      Profex is a bit of a pain, but once you get it worked out it’s not so bad! The teaching again is really hit and miss, some teachers no exactly how to use the language assistants so that students can get the most out of the program, whereas others dont have a clue. It’s just kind of luck.
      Which region will you be applying for?

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