I don’t understand how to eat like a local in Spain: please tell me

Do you know what the Internet doesn’t have? A guide on how to eat in Spain. Please, explain to me how to eat food in Spain – I though paella was supposed to go up my arse and I sincerely thought it was polite to shove olives up my nose.

This morning I woke up thinking, ‘I wish I had a guide to how the locals eat. I need a post to help to enlighten me on how to eat food in Spain.’ Luckily the travel bloggers are correct in their assumption that I’m a complete moron. I just can’t understand what the fuck Spanish people are doing with that paella. What? Hu? Is that a spoon?

Do you want to know what Spaniards really eat? Here, take a look:

Inside the pantry of a Spanish person: food includes bread, hazelnut spread and canned tuna.
Inside a real Spaniard’s pantry

Yep. That’s white bread with the crusts removed, the Spanish version of Nutella and somewhere in that cupboard I can assure you there is a tub of Cola Cao.


There. guide done and done. To eat like a Spanish person, eat like a 12-year old.

For an excellent guide to the real coffee that exists in Spain (outside of international cafes) here’s a genuinely great blog post on Spanish coffee.



  1. I’m guessing you’re still in your 20’s, and so are your Spanish friends…? The trick is to get yourself invited to their parents’ house for lunch/dinner.

    They have no need to cook for themselves, coz Mummy will supply them with a week’s worth of “tuppers” every Sunday. But I guess you’ve figured that out 😉

  2. Well I don’t know how old are you, but definitely that cupboard is from a student or young person, or a family with kids, but you didn’t show their fridge, in which Spaniards often have fresh meat and fish, many vegetables and fruits, yoghurt, etc…

    • the cupboard is from 2 of my housemates who are 40-somethings. Their shelf on the fridge is full of cheap meats from Día and yogurt.

      But Noelia I understand what you’re staying and in this article I know I have generalised far too much. It’s just a pattern I’ve seen from the Spaniards that I know. But I also know that my housemates eat at their parents very frequently, and I am sure the food they eat there is more ‘homemade.’

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