Top 5 reasons to travel

1. It will make you a more interesting person

So you’re 24 and starting to realise that your 16-year-old-self may be disappointed that you’re not on your way to becoming a successful [actor, writer, documentary maker…] and working as an information systems manager probably isn’t leading you any closer toward that path. You know what would make you a more interesting person? Travel.

Travel instantly gives you a catalogue of remarkable stories to tell. You can impress people back home with stories of how you ate guinea pig in Peru or how you got peed on in a hostel in Czech Republic by a drunk Londoner sleeping in the bunk above you. You’re no longer just an office worker or an occasional tourist. You’re a traveller who once got peed on.

2. Because you need more photos of sunsets

Travel is actually Latin for ‘the internet needs more travel blogs with pictures of sunsets.’ I personally love nothing more than googling sunset photos and getting off on every single one.

3. To find yourself

This is my all-time number one favourite reason people have to travel abroad. To. Find. Yourself. It might not make any fucking sense, but it sure has a nice ring to it.

4. Your ex has a new partner

There’s nothing more awful than running into your ex with his or her new partner who is hotter and richer than you. Go travelling and save yourself the humiliation.

5. Because you have some time to kill

You’re at that awkward nothing-age where you’re old enough to know the definition of belligerent but you still feel a slight awkwardness when you’re slipping it into a sentence. You have a year or two to kill before you need to scrounge up a better half, but you’ve already developed a taste for tequila shots. Travel is a great way to kill time because you can still do shit-all like you do back home, but people will envy you and you can feign accomplishment. 

sunset in Iceland
I practically shat my pants when I saw this sunset photo.


  1. Very true! I took off to Spain to learn more about myself – that was my #1 reason for going, besides the learning Spanish part. I always thought I was adventurous, and taking the plunge taught me that I was right about that aspect. Living abroad, at least in the way some of us do it, can be a roller-coaster. I learned how to be on my own (truly be on my own), support myself, learn to communicate in foreign environments, just open up to new people, and more. It’s so great that traveling can really test you as a person. I also agree that when you’re younger (in those formidable early 20s especially), it’s important to get out there and really find out what you can do.

    • I think it’s great when travel cam do all these things… it’s just some people continue to rely on parents financially, only hang out with people from back home and not really do anything challenging or different from back home. And then call it an adventure….

      • Yeah, I don’t agree with just hanging out with the same kinds of people abroad. However, in some cases, I understand why/how people make a lot of friends from similar backgrounds when they’re in foreign environments. That’s natural. What can be done in those cases is to branch out and also make local friends. I dislike it (greatly) when people who try to live abroad claim they “only hang out with the real locals” and cut themselves off from expats because they think that isn’t a genuine experience of that place at that time. I think that’s a load of crap, to be frank! Adventures can be experienced with anyone.

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