Breakfast at La Bicicleta, Malasaña


Breakfast in Spain isn’t  a thing. It’s usually tostada con mantequilla (butter), tomate o jamón. So if it’s the weekend and your hungover or like to eat lots like I do and you need a good fix of something  substantial, go to Malasaña where there’s an international selection of food stuffs.

I’ve been in Madrid for three weeks, and three quarters of that time has been fussing over residency documentation (have I told you how much I love Spanish bureaucracy?), finding a shared apartment along with a bajillion other people who happen to love the same apartment that I do (by god! it has a window!) and working out the logistics of working a second job. All while trying to make some new friends in this city and practice my español and suppressing my Aussie accent. AND trying to teach my cute little germs….er…kids how to speak the english…they’re so fucking cute. Even with all those boogers and lice, I’ve already decided which ones I want to steal. Shit, I digress. I was talking about breakfast and how I finally have some time now to eat some. So a friend and I went out for breakfast.

La Bicicleta has strong, well-made coffee and smiley unpretentious staff. The place has a cool vibe that isn’t too squished, and the decor is hip, industrial and clean with large wooden tables (some communal), big, low-hanging lights and mis-matched furniture.

For breakfast there’s a little more on offer than other Spanish eateries open for breakfast: croissants, cake-type treats, poppy-seed rolls with cheese, jamón or salmon and tostadas with a variety of fresh breads (a nice change from the usual ‘white bread or white bread?’ in Spain).

Come here for tasty food, hipster vibes and to chill with the WiFi and a book. Don’t come here to find a super-cheap eat, experience the traditional Spanish way or to see some Gaudí, because I think that’s Barcelona you’re after.

picture of La Bicicleta indoors
honey, sugar, salt and pepper on the table
coffee cups
wake up.
coffee cup and bagel
breakfast table with coffee
hemos terminado

La Bicicleta Cafe
Plaza de San Ildefonso 9,
Mon – Wed: 10:00 – 01:00
Thu: 10:00 – 02:00
Fri – Sat: 10:00 – 02:30
Sun: 10:00 – 01:00


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