Things to do in Madrid: Dosde Market in Malasaña

sign at dosde market
it ain’t a hipster market without a cutesy sign with cutesy animals with big teeth and crowns.

I spent my first Saturday in Madrid meandering around Malasaña’s little streets which are festooned with boutique shops, vintage stores with hardwood floors, flimsy fruiterías and of course, trendy bars and clanky coffee shops.

I stumbled upon the Dosde Market in Plaza del Dos de Mayo. It takes place every Saturday until October 26. If you are looking for things to do in Madrid, this will fill about 25 minutes of your time.

There were boutique stalls with independent designers showing off accessories, clothing, jewellery and baby clothing. Much of which, you may have seen before (if I see one more fucking owl on a long chain…) but there was a great atmosphere with many people strolling along with their kids and/or dogs, and no matter where you’re headed for a coffee, the market is probably on your way.

dosde market stall
checkin’ the vibe

The market is a lot smaller than the more famous Rastro Market in Madrid, which is also worth checking out, but at least you don’t have to walk arse-to-crotch-to-arse with those around you. It’s much more tranquilo here and fewer tourists.

someone standing next to a stall at dosde market
boredom at dosde market
a view of the market
more vibes
fabric items for sale at dosde market
i’m not sure what these are but i need three.
purses for sale at dosde market
the usual suspects
clothing for sale at dosde market
more of the boutiquey stuff
people looking at stalls at dosde market
purchases! sales!

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