back to the big smoke: 7 things I miss about the city

I am overwhelmingly excited to live in a city again.

I grew up for the first 27 years of my life in Melbourne, Australia. In two weeks, I’ll be working as a Language Assistant in Madrid, Spain. After a year of small towns (Sanlucar de Barrameda in the south of Spain and Puerto de Mogán in Gran Canaria, Canary Islands), there are a few things that I cannot fucking wait for:

  1. Hipster cafés – don’t judge me, especially for putting this one at the top of the list. But I miss it: the good coffee, the atmosphere, the people watching, the newspaper/magazine reading… the only thing I don’t miss is the prices, but surely I have enough self-control to just get a coffee? And maybe some toast? But with some poached eggs? Homemade baked beans on the side? ARFHH.
cafe breakfast of eggs and fried food
cafe breakfast

2. Libraries – Hopefully I’m not one of those irritating people who claim to be a nerd cos that’s what’s cool right now (OMGZ! Being such a #nerd right now!) I don’t think you have to be nerdy to like the library. BECAUSE IT’S FUCKING FREE DAMMIT, and everyone likes free. Books, people watching, the studious atmosphere that occasionally motivates me to get shit done…the library is the place to be between the hours of nine and nine.

3. People watching – I might as well give people watching its own number. People in the city come from a range of backgrounds, culturally and characteristically. And I like to watch all people, maybe that’s creepy. And not just for pervey sakes, but let’s face it, we’re all curious perve kittens when it comes down to it.

4. Access to a diverse range of foods – in Melbourne we’re spoiled for choice: Ethiopian, Moroccan, Argentinean, Nepalese, whatever you like. In Sanlucar it was Spanish, Mexican or a very questionable Chinese restaurant. Need a jar of tahini? Red lentils? Lemongrass? YOU CAN FIND IT IN THE CITY.

5. Not just food, but more variety: people, nightlife, everything. I don’t always feel like going to the same places.

6. Music festivals/concerts – I don’t feel the need to explain this one, you get it.

a photo from Cherry Rock 07 with Rocket Science playing
miss melbourne street festivals!

7. Keeping busy – in Sanlucar, finding volunteer or extra writing work was limited to online opportunities. I am hoping Madrid will be able to offer some fun little projects that I can partake in whether it’s writing, doing yoga, more intercambio meet ups and maybe doing some other types of classes. Maybe I could join a cult.


One comment

  1. Libraries are my favourite places in the world 🙂
    I used to complain about cafes being too abundant in Melbourne but being overseas makes me realise how much I miss them and how much I take them (and good coffee!) for granted. Never again!

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