Road trip across (and through) Gran Canaria Part 5

Day 3 

Day 1: Puerto de Mogan, Agüimes, Pozo Izquierdo, Aeropuerto, Ingenio, Botanical Gardens, Las Palmas.
Day 2: Guayadeque, Embalse de Chira (Lake), Roque Nublo, Artenara.
Day 3: Artenara, Maspalomas,

(Here is the first part and second part and third and fourth part of the road trip).

We didn’t spend much more time in Artenara, but we did have breakfast at Restaurante La Casa del Correo, which sits in the town’s quiet main plaza. We’d heard the prices were cheap, but maybe we ordered wrong. They have an amazing homemade aioli sauce which you can add to everything, and the sandwiches are filling. However, the Canarian fried cheese is a let down and nothing special, and it cost a whopping six-euro.

Maspalomas is not somewhere you want to spend too much time in, unless you love drunk Brits vomiting on the side of the street, overpriced restaurants selling watered down sangria and frozen paella, or packed beaches filled with leather boobs and more drunk Brits. However, while all of this sounds sensationally appealing, we also wanted to check out the sand dunes, mostly so I could frolic around, pretending I was some Arabic goddess wandering around the Sahara. But in reality I ran up and down the sand dunes like a demented uncoordinated puppy running up a flight of stairs. This was exhausting.

up-close view of the sand
view of the sand dunes and foot prints
a slow frolic

Once we made it through some dunes, we walked along the beach, tried not to stare at the nudists (it’s horrible but I can’t look away!) caught a fantastic sunset over the lighthouse and went to eat at one of those overpriced restaurants with watered down sangria that I mentioned earlier. The seediness and artificiality of the centre of Maspalomas reminded me of Khaosan Road in Bangkok.



  1. i laughed upon reading leather boobs. hahaha and for some reason, i kept on running/reading about drunk brits, loud brits or something like that (here and some other blog i happened to read earlier!).
    oh spain, wish i could go back there.

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