Road trip across (and through) Gran Canaria Part 3

Day 1: Puerto de Mogan, Agüimes, Pozo Izquierdo, Aeropuerto, Ingenio, Botanical Gardens, Las Palmas.
Day 2: Guayadeque, Santa Lucía de Tirajana, Embalse de Chira (Lake), Roque Nublo, Artenara.
Day 3: Artenara, Maspalomas.

Day 2

(Here is the first part and the second part of the road trip.)

The beds in Big Fish are comfy and I don’t really want to get out, but Kate has planned a whole day of road trippin’ and I know if I don’t get up soon she’ll probably persuade me with her Polish fists of fury. We have frozen pizza from Spar for breakfast and unsurprisingly it’s pretty terrible and I try to redeem myself with a green tea and it tastes a bit like feet.But finally when all four of us are ready we go south east to Guayadeque and I leave with the leftover taste of feet in my mouth.

Guayadeque has naturally formed caves where ancient settlers of Gran Canaria lived, and despite the demanding heat we take a walk along the caves where some people are still living today and some are very cute with little pot plants outside and there are cute whingey meowey cats everywhere.

Apparently the ownership of many of the caves has been passed down through generations of the same families, so it was sad to see one of the caves for sale. But also weird, you know, seeing a cave for sale.

outside one of the inhabited caves
outside one of the inhabited caves

We find an almond tree, do some smashing and eating of almonds which are impressively ripe. We also find a berry tree and eat some unknown berries. There’s a cute little tourist souvenir shop which also has some replications of old Canarian homes in the caves which is both cute and creepy and they also sell different types of marmalades, rums and mojo sauces (the stuff you can buy all over the Canaries).

And the next stop is one of my favourites: the lake.

view of the mountains
view of the mountains, and a view of something on my camera lens

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