Road trip across (and through) Gran Canaria Part 1

A road trip is usually planned around a) places that you want to visit, and b) visiting those places in an order that makes geographical sense to save on petrol and time. But when you’re road trippin’ across an island that’s only roughly 50km in diameter, I say screw it and let’s make some squiggles.

Day 1: Puerto de Mogan, Agüimes, Pozo Izquierdo, Aeropuerto, Ingenio, Botanical Gardens, Las Palmas.

Day 2: Guayadeque, Santa Lucía de Tirajana, Embalse de Chira (Lake), Roque Nublo, Artenara.

Day 3: Artenara, Maspalomas.

Day 1

We hired the car from Puerto de Mogán (where we live), only to realise that the car did have an iPod cable, and we didn’t need to have spent the 45 minutes loading a CD with music like it was 1999. In a few days time, we’ll have heard the CD 12 times, forgetting that we could just switch it off and make good old-fashioned conversation. It turns out that you can get sick of Daft Punk’s Get Lucky.

After loading the car with cookies, sandwiches and sunscreen we made it to our first stop, Agüimes, a town with colouful houses. And it was exactly that. And nothing more. So we moved on pretty quickly. Can you give Agüimes a miss? Yes, please do.

aguimes view of the street
as colourful as this place gets

Pozo Izquierdo is windsurf capital. Which means it’s windy. We didn’t walk around town much because we were worried we’d get blown away, although to be fair it didn’t look like there was too much to see there. There’s a windsurf hostel you can stay at which has up to 100 beds for you and your 99 friends and they offer live music in the bar on Saturday nights. Unless you’re a windsurfer there’s not much more to this place. You can rent equipment via a van parked by the beach, and there’s a shop with loads of equipment nearby.

windsurfers in the water in Pozo Izquierdo
windy surfers

Then we went to the airport. Not exactly an attraction, but we had to drop a friend off. You can watch the planes take off, if you want.

Ingenio is a small town in the south east of the island. The main site is Plaza de Candelaria, where  a pretty white church stands, Iglesia de La Candelaria. We were there and it must have been siesta time because everything, including the church was shut. We went for a quick walk up the main street and found one shop open – a health food store! After living two months in Puerto de Mogán, where you can’t even get your mitts on some coconut milk, this was pretty damn exciting. I spend 12 euro on quinoa, tahini, red lentils and crisps. My bad. Lucky for me, the Museo de Piedras y Artesanía Canaria was free, and better than I thought it’d be – they had turtles! And some cool recreations of old Canarian homes.

…More to come!


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