Next year if I continue the language assistant program it will be in the province of Madrid. As I await to hear which school I’ll be placed in, I have been all pros and cons about doing the program for a second year. But today I am more pros than cons.

Why I would like to do it for a second year:

  1. To continue improving my Spanish
  2. Now is a good time for me  to be travelling: I have no long term commitments back in Australia.
  3. I am enjoying meeting new people from eveeeerywhere.
  4. I am enjoying learning more about the English language and talking about it.
  5. My career  at home (in communications) can wait.
  6. As much as I miss Melbourne and a selective group of  people in it, it will always be there.
  7. I am learning more about my country by teaching students about it. Who knew what Australia Day was about more than the Hottest 100…
  8. Working  minimal hours means I have more time do other stuffs, like writing.
  9. I guess you never know – maybe other opportunities will come up in Madrid? Maybe I’ll want to stay there.

Why I would be hesitant to do it for a second year:

  1. My career is in communications, not teaching. Is it silly to do something for a second year just so you can continue experiencing life in another country? When I apply for jobs back at home, will it look bad that I ‘took a break’ for two years?
  2. I am 27 and capable. I can take on much more responsibility than what we do in the program (which isn’t really any).
  3. The program isn’t exactly well-organised. Actually it’s without a doubt the most disorganised program/job I’ve ever had, and that’s on both a higher, government level and on a coworker level with the teachers I work with on a daily basis. I can go into more detail if you like. OOOOH the detail I could go into…
  4. I miss home.
  5. There’s four months in between finishing this program and starting the next school year. It’s too expensive to go back home, plus I’d be going back home in time for a double winter. That sounds poo. I’ll need to find something to do here which doesn’t cost much money (but I think I have a job lined up which offers free accommodation).
  6. I love to be busy. This year I felt a little bored at some points when I wasn’t travelling. But I know this situation may change going from a small town in Andalusia to going to a big city like Madrid.

I guess the most concerning for me is going back home, everyone having babies and I’ll be starting anew. I know this is a silly problem. Travel is my passion and it’s something to do now, not later.

The good thing is I can accept my position and turn it back at the last minute and there’s a waiting list of people who would very much like to take my place. I guess I could even pull out once I’ve started if I really don’t want to stick it out for another eight months.

So can someone help me feel better about the cons please?

Ta. x

here's another sunset, just because.
here’s another sunset, just because.