Dear friend, thanks for all your Facebook updates while you are travelling…

What’s on your mind, friend? Tell me. Tell me! It has been 42 minutes since your last update. Truth be told, I’m starting to worry. The last I’d heard you were in Turkey.

“Kids, I’m is in Turkey. Amazeballs!”

You tried mint tea? I thought you only drank organic Fair Trade Chai? I know, I know, when in Rome! Or Istanbul.

Ha! No way, you’re at another museum? You’re such an art nerd! Which you have pointed out daily with the hashtag…. #artnerd.

LOVE reading your hyperbolic advice. When I see your updates begin with “You guys have to…” or “You kids have to…I just know something important will follow. “You kids HAVE to see the way this 89-year-old Mexican lady weaves this organically hand-made piece of silk hand-dyed in the feces of a horse fed solely on a diet of hand-made silk hand-dyed in the feces of a horse fed solely on a diet of mescal.” So true… this is something everyone should experience at least once in their lives. How else can we really find our true selves unless we step out of our comfort zones?

And thanks for offering to bring me back a gift! Can you bring back one of those embroidered ponchos? The fair trade ones sound a bit expensive, so a normal one will do. Aren’t the fair trade ones like $32 more? How is that a fair trade? LOL, clearly English hasn’t caught on there.

On that note, who knew there were so many Mark Twain quotes on travelling? Thank you for sharing all 221 of them. These quotes not only helped to enlighten us friends on the benefits of travel, but also to confirm that Mark Twain himself would have approved of your decision to leave your comfortable job as a barista to go travelling abroad for two and a half weeks. And what a brave step, to leave a safe country, only to risk it all by journeying to new cities, confronting and befriending new peoples, connecting to new and diverse Wi-Fi signals, some not as protected or precipitous as those signaling from back home.

Pay no attention to those who have chosen a life of banality – marriage, babies, mortgages, Masterchef… You really are living life, and you should continue to remind us of this at least four times a day on Facebook.

Your descriptions are so expressive. For instance, you described Turkey as this amazing place filled with buildings, trees, people, culture and food. It doesn’t sound like anywhere else in the world! With every new photo that you post, it’s like a story that says, “yes friends, I am having the time of my life, but I need to know that you know that, so here’s another 1000 more.” 28 cleverly constructed photos of you pushing over the tower of Pisa, and another 54 of you standing on a Pringles container in Bolivia as if the container were somehow larger than you. Sure, I’ve seen people post these types of photos before, but mostly utilising the green Sour Cream & Onion Pringles containers and I assure you these photos achieved an entirely different effect.

I miss you and your self-proclaimed idiosyncratic micro-tales of adventures abroad – such a traveller, you!

sunset - La Isla del Sol
here’s a picture of another fucking sunset (Bolivia).


  1. I don’t know, I’d rather have a friend that posts travel updates than my current situation…all my facebook friends from high school have gotten pregnant and gone into full on mommy mode, talking about dirty diapers and how no love can compare to that of a child and mother. I’ll trade with you!

  2. oh, i definitely have a lot of those too! mostly people from high school…and that phrase, “no love can compare to that of a child and mother” echh i hate that, it’s incredibly patronising and arbitrary.

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