For the Americans out there, I guess that translates to: the traveler is traveled out.

We have a 5-day puente this week (a little holiday). And I’m not going travelling. Or at least, I’m not going far. I think I’ve finally done it: I’m travelled out. I maintain that I love travel, and have only recently discovered the joys of Couchsurfing, but I don’t think I can handle another little trip at this point.

Here are my cons of travel so I don’t feel so bad about not packing my bags this long weekend:

  • Overhearing dumb conversations from other tourists on buses/streets/dorm rooms. “OMG have you been to **obvious landmark that everyone goes to and is why everyone goes there in the first place**???? “No, not yet.” “OMG! You have to go there…” “Great, thanks Captain Obvious.”
  • Being that person that looks at the map, then up, then back at the map and looks really confused. (maps and I don’t get along). And I fucking swear, that map changes details like street names and directions and layouts when I look away for a second. It’s some kind of sick joke.
  • Realising I am now  one of the ‘older’ people at a hostel. And past wanting to meet people  who I barely have anything in common with just for the sake of adding someone else to my Facebook.
  • “Where are you from?” “So is this a big trip?” “What countries have you been to so far?” “How long are you staying here?” “You live in Spain? Wow, OMG that’s cool. I wish I could do something like that.” This. Over and over and over again. And FYI, you can do something like that, you just choose not to, knob head.
  • Realising I haven’t packed enough underwear or socks. EVERY FUCKING TIME.

Wow, I just wrote a list of the cons of travel. WHAT HAVE I BECOME?

But I’ll be dead set ready to travel again in less than a month, when it’s European-summer-travel-music-festival-let’s-lie-on-a-beach-time!

Another con of too much travel: thousands of photos of sunsets to sort through.

sunset in Reykjavik
sunset in Reykjavik
sunset in Sanlucar
sunset in Sanlucar
sunset in Granada
sunset in Granada

Tel Aviv – Jerusalem – Eilat – Aqaba – Wasi Musa – Dead Sea – Haifa – Bethlehem – Tsfat – The West Bank – Barcelona – Madrid – Seville – Ronda – Sanlucar – Chipiona – Cadiz – Granada – Valencia – Reykjavik – London – Bristol – Rome – Florence – Naples – Amalfi Coast*

*I am sorry for posting this wanky list of cities I’ve been to on this trip, I promise it is for my own reference before my old lady memory fails me, and not only will I not know where I am going, but I will not know where I have been.