the traveller is travelled out

For the Americans out there, I guess that translates to: the traveler is traveled out.

We have a 5-day puente this week (a little holiday). And I’m not going travelling. Or at least, I’m not going far. I think I’ve finally done it: I’m travelled out. I maintain that I love travel, and have only recently discovered the joys of Couchsurfing, but I don’t think I can handle another little trip at this point.

Here are my cons of travel so I don’t feel so bad about not packing my bags this long weekend:

  • Overhearing dumb conversations from other tourists on buses/streets/dorm rooms. “OMG have you been to **obvious landmark that everyone goes to and is why everyone goes there in the first place**???? “No, not yet.” “OMG! You have to go there…” “Great, thanks Captain Obvious.”
  • Being that person that looks at the map, then up, then back at the map and looks really confused. (maps and I don’t get along). And I fucking swear, that map changes details like street names and directions and layouts when I look away for a second. It’s some kind of sick joke.
  • Realising I am now  one of the ‘older’ people at a hostel. And past wanting to meet people  who I barely have anything in common with just for the sake of adding someone else to my Facebook.
  • “Where are you from?” “So is this a big trip?” “What countries have you been to so far?” “How long are you staying here?” “You live in Spain? Wow, OMG that’s cool. I wish I could do something like that.” This. Over and over and over again. And FYI, you can do something like that, you just choose not to, knob head.
  • Realising I haven’t packed enough underwear or socks. EVERY FUCKING TIME.

Wow, I just wrote a list of the cons of travel. WHAT HAVE I BECOME?

But I’ll be dead set ready to travel again in less than a month, when it’s European-summer-travel-music-festival-let’s-lie-on-a-beach-time!

Another con of too much travel: thousands of photos of sunsets to sort through.

sunset in Reykjavik
sunset in Reykjavik
sunset in Sanlucar
sunset in Sanlucar
sunset in Granada
sunset in Granada

Tel Aviv – Jerusalem – Eilat – Aqaba – Wasi Musa – Dead Sea – Haifa – Bethlehem – Tsfat – The West Bank – Barcelona – Madrid – Seville – Ronda – Sanlucar – Chipiona – Cadiz – Granada – Valencia – Reykjavik – London – Bristol – Rome – Florence – Naples – Amalfi Coast*

*I am sorry for posting this wanky list of cities I’ve been to on this trip, I promise it is for my own reference before my old lady memory fails me, and not only will I not know where I am going, but I will not know where I have been.



  1. Don’t feel bad about not going anywhere, we all need a break sometimes! I didn’t even start traveling until a month or so ago, but that was more funds related haha?

  2. Your post made me laugh on so many levels…..maps! They bare absolutely no resemblance to what’s happening at street level, I SO know what you mean! Sunsets….I have been traveling in Spain and France for almost 3 months…….3 months of sunsets, and because I am a morning person……sunrises as well. So far I haven’t blogged a single sunset although I have snuck in a sunrise
    And ” I wish I could do something like that” I travel a lot on my own, and I get so many women tell me “You’re so brave, I’d never be able to do that” Well, yes you would , you get your backside off the couch in front of the telly and do it!
    Loved reading your other posts as well 😀

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