Banking in a small town in Spain

I went to the bank today in my small Spanish town.

  • Inside, there was a (cute) stray dog shivering on the tiled floor.
  • The door which separates the bank teller/money from the customers was locked with one of those flimsy locks where you need to slide the little blob over to the other side into the hole.
  • When the bank teller processed my cheque they put it onto the counter in a pile with other cheques, and all the following customers would be able to read it through the glass (not that I mind).
  • The bank tellers know everyone and have a long conversation with each, wanting to know the health of their ma/pa/abuelo/a.

Banks are more at ease here. Pros and cons, pros and cons…



  1. Oh, this all sounds so familiar! Did they use the ‘take-a-number’ system? People feel quite strongly about that in my pueblo (though only in the bank, in the post office it goes unused…)–hesitate even a moment and you’d better take a new number. I once saw an old man fend the woman with the number before his off with his cane! I guess she was moving too slow, haha. It’s so fun to read someone else’s take on pueblo life!

  2. yes i have two la caixa banks and one of them they hate me, the other they like me and enjoy saying “hello” “hello.” i can handle the hello’ing every once in a while 🙂

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