Melbourne-style cafes around the world (6)

Italy (Florence) – I Fratellini

I Fratellini isn’t really a cafe: it’s street food. Street sandwiches, which will either fall deliciously into your mouth, or inevitably, onto the street. I Fratellini is a welcome-change from the ubiquitous pretentious restaurants in Florence and the very average 5€ paninis.

The sandwich menú is affordable at only 2.50€, and while a sandwich may not be enough to feed the very hungry, it’s enough to get you most of the way there. I only visited  a couple times but I can highly recommend one of the sandwiches which includes the parsley sauce: strong, salty, warm and buttery. The staff are busy but sweet, and the clientele are scattered along the lane way, sitting on the curb, standing around the barrels out the front of the shop or chatting to one of the staff. There are little ledges to place your glass of vino, or you can balance it between your thighs much like the elegant writer of this post did. There are many varieties of wine to try, but for the many travellers in Florence who want to save a few euros, the house wine was only 1.20€, or something like that.

Sister-cafe in Melbourne: Trippy Tacos is neither a cafe nor a sandwich shop. But it is quality street food at decent prices with hipsters outside drinking and eating and smoking, so it will have to do.
Very Melbourne: Hipsters sitting on the curb drinking and eating and smoking.
Not very Melbourne: 2.50€ sandwiches, good sandwiches.

the lane-way where I Fratellini sits
a view of I Fratellini from the curb
looking up from the curb…

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