Stuff Andalusians like….

  1. to talk about how much more ‘open’ and friendly they are than people in the north of Spain.
  2. Semana Santa. And preparing for Semana Santa when it’s not Semana Santa.
  3. Talking about Semana Santa.
  4. Dogs with jackets.
  5. Not picking up dog poop on the cobbled streets. Or any streets.
  6. Talking about their Andaluz accent, and how if you understand their accent you will understand Spanish anywhere.
  7. Pull & Bear.
  8. Tables with space heaters in them.
  9. Bagging out the Sevillanos and how arrogant and “especial” they can be, but then saying how much they love Seville.
  10. Mopping the sidewalk outside their home.
  11. Pressing the doorbell for all the pisos in the building to make sure somebody lets them in.
  12. Talking about how far away something is which is really only a 10 minute walk.
  13. Laughing at the jokes people from Cadiz make.
  14. Talking about how much Andalusia is suffering from La Crisis, especially small businesses, but then doing their food shops at Mercadona.
  15. Huelgas and puentes.
  16. Knowing what’s best for Spain.
  17. Walking along the bike track (carril bici), somehow taking up both lanes.
  18. Studying to be a teacher.
  19. Cola Cao.
  20. Putting a heel in any type of ladies shoe, including trainers.
  21. Learning English and getting their B1 or B2 certificates.
  22. Canalsur.
  23. Olive oil.
  24. Tortas de aceite.
  25. Riding scooters while talking on the phone while smoking while holding their dog which has a jacket on.
trainer with heel
the lovely trainer with heel


  1. and don´t forget ´baile de sevillanas´ , everyone in Andalusia thinks they can dance…or at least clap a good tune…!

  2. Haha I agree with EVERYTHING on this list. Especially the dog with jacket part. It is 20 degrees here now…if I don’t need a jacket, your dog doesn’t need one either.

  3. Some very astute observations there made me laugh! I’d throw pipas in there as well. A couple of bars in Granada hand little cups of them out with every drink which inevitably leads to the floor becoming a crunching cesspit of pipa shells. Nobody speaks – they just nibble and spit, nibble and spit…

    And for the record, I actually think Mercandona – despite being a clear winner in the league of Spanish supermarkets – is rather cheap.

    Great post!

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