Melbourne-style cafes around the world (4)

These series of posts (1, 2 + 3) could be titled “travelling halfway around the world only to go to places just like those in Melbourne and taking some pretty average photographs.’ Maybe I’ll change it later.

Spain (Valencia) – Ubik Café

While in Valencia, my friend asked me if I want to visit this bookstore/café in an ethnic and recently ‘happening’ neighbourhood of Valencia called Russafa. I was all ‘fuck yes’ about it because I love coffee and ignoring my friends by perusing through a 10 euro art+design magazine while telling myself that I should really be more arty and productive with my time. Unfortunately at Ubik you can’t actually bring the books to your table because they don’t want your grubby hummus-covered fingers to soil a copy of Carlos Zuis Zafon’s latest novel. But you can have a gander around the bookshelves as you await your focaccia or nutella toast. The food is a mix of Spanish  and Italian, and the books are by authors from all over the world. Prepare to be surrounded by young families, intellectual types and screamy children. But don’t worry, there’s a playground to restrain allow them to play in as you read your ham sandwich and eat your Harry Potter. Or something like that.

Sister-cafe in Melbourne: Booktalk Cafe, Richmond. I’ve never been, but I figure the book/cafe relationship is enough for me to make the comparison. Shutup.
Very Melbourne: Setting Señor Coffee up with Señora Books.
Not very Melbourne: Focaccia is so 2001.

yep, books and coffee in the one room.
books to read not at your table
books to read not at your table
leftovers. no books yo be seen here
leftovers. no books to be seen here. menus allowed.
letting the kids loose
letting the kids loose

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