Melbourne-style cafes around the world (3)

Today I continue with my awful café comparisons. Where better than a Spanish city with even more little lane ways than Melbourne.

Spain (Barcelona) – Federal

It was a hard four months with no access to haloumi, but it was worth the wait when I finally arrived at Federal on a Friday morning in January. To be fair, Federal is owned by Aussies who intended Federal to be a slice of OZ in Spain, but it’s inspired by a country town by the same name in Northern New South Wales, and while I can’t claim I’ve been there, I can’t say I’ve been to many country town cafés that are anything like Federal.

In Spain it’s difficult to find anywhere with a breakfast that deviates from the traditional tostada con tomate (toast with a tomato-type puré). In fact, the last time I made a Spanish friend breakfast consisting of eggs with fried spinach, mushrooms and a tomato, he refused to eat the spinach and mushrooms at breakfast time and rubbed the tomato all over his toast instead of eating it properly. They’re stuck in our ways, and I’m stuck in mine which is why Federal really hit the spot. Perfect gooey poached eggs and dark rustic bread.

Sister-cafe in Melbourne: Coin Laundry Cafe, Armadale. The clientele  have a little more $$$ to spend but the food is da-lishus.
Very Melbourne: Big and diverse breakfasts including toast, fancy muesli and your eggs done a number of different ways. So very un-Spanish.
Not very Melbourne: The place is open till 1am during the week.

the perfect ginger, honey and lemon-fix
the perfect ginger, honey and lemon-fix

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