Melbourne-style cafes around the world (2)

Yesterday I ranted about how much I love to compare stuff overseas to shit back home (Melbourne’o’straya). I compared a cafe in Tel Aviv to the Veggie Bar in Fitzroy. Today we travel to Reykjavik. The small city has jumped on the latte bandwagon and there are many small coffee shops catering to the hipster vikings (who look remarkably similar to….regular hipsters).

Iceland (Reykjavik) – Kaffismiðja Íslands

I may have been on top of the world, but Kaffismidja took me right back to Melbourne for a couple of hours (minus the garbley sounds of Icelandic around me). The staff here are friendly but they’re somewhat blunt (to be fair, the place was packed and we were being tourists, asking too many questions rather than just ordering). The oat milk coffee was delicious and one of the best coffees I’ve had on this trip. There are some cupcakes/muffins/cakes to try too. There is a mix of smaller tables and communal tables surrounded by young families and the occasional pram. The shop is gorgeously sweet and warm, a perfect hiding spot from the Nordic winds. Coffee is roasted onsite and you can bring your favourite vinyl to play on the record player (head to Kolaportið Flea Market by the docks if you’re in need of said vinyl).

Sister-cafe in Melbourne: The Breakfast Club, High Street Northcote (lots of shit to read, teapots, retro furniture, petite and busy).
Very Melbourne: See above + coffee sometimes served in a jar.
Not very Melbourne: No soy milk.

picture of a coffee and a treat on the table
kaffi and a treat
icelandic retro
Being served
prices listed in the confusing icelandic kroner
The Breakfast Club on St.George’s Rd.
The Breakfast Club – photo courtesy of The Age website


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