Valencia’ing in the rain

Breakfast on my first day was over-sweetened lemon tea from a machine and post airport-security-control celebratory muffin. Ally MeBeal’ed it in the Home Youth Hostel with Unisex toilets. I didn’t mind, but some people may find it awkward to do their morning poops. I think an insect ate my face last night.

I knew I had to leave my chocolate muffin to go explore Valencia. Perhaps a walking tour to get oriented, because I couldn’t be bothered orienting myself. But the rain was too ploppy, and this can turn the happiest of people into miserable bastards who hate puppies and toddlers. So on Thursday I I went to do some learning at the City of Arts and Sciences, indoors (except by the time I got there my socks and things were wet and I was a miserable bastard who hated puppies and toddlers).

It’s not fair to judge a city when you’ve only seen it soggy.

View of City of Arts and Sciences
I’m sure this view would be more enjoyable if my undies weren’t wet.

I'm learning!
I’m learning!
Inside the City of Arts and Sciences
one of the exhibits featuring an egg hatching
egg hatchin’
outside the city of arts and sciences
so grey

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