Passing the puente in Valencia

I’ve become both an expert puente-traveller and a lazy puente-traveller. Expert, because my liquids were packed in a clear plastic bag, I knew I could get a towel at the hostel and I can now go through airport procedures without getting nervous and checking if I have my passport 6000 times. I think I’m down to 10. Lazy, because I’ve stopped looking at Lonely Planet books and googling the city for good coffee and food. Instead, I have a pretty vague plan for Valencia:

  1. City of Arts and Sciences
  2. Walking tour
  3. Wander the food market in search of foods that I can’t get in Sanlúcar
  4. Maybe a day trip out of the city

But the travel thing is starting to become too easy, and lazy. I spotted two girls on the train and I knew they were going to the same hostel. I also knew they were language assistants because they were 1. American girls 2. They only wore backpacks and carried umbrellas (this seems unlikely for backpackers, particularly if 1. were true.

I think I’m one of the older people at the hostel. I’m not sure when this started happening, maybe when people in the common rooms went from flicking through Lonely Planets to scrolling through iPhones.

Home Youth Hostel sign
my home for the next four nights

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