I dream of Spanish

I think the most exciting point of learning a new language is when you start to think or dream in that language. Apart from merely living in Spain, the last few weeks I’ve been trying to focus on getting as much exposure to Spanish as I can. This usually is:

  • at work (un instituto), where I work as a ‘language assistant‘ for 12-16 year olds.
  • at intercambios where 2-4 of us spend 1/2 an hour speaking in English, and 1/2 an hour speaking in Spanish.
  • in shops, restaurants and on the streets (this is usually only for short bursts at a time)
  • when we get our social on with the locals.

I live with two other English speakers and maybe we aren’t speaking as much Spanish to each other as we should be.

Two nights ago part of my dream was in Spanish. It was consciously in Spanish, so in my dream I knew I was speaking a foreign language, but it was still exciting. Last night however, I think I subconsciously tried to dream in Spanish and failed. I woke up and realised that both in my dream and in my “wake-up mumbles” I was speaking gibberish.

I still have some way to go I guess…



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