Motion did remind me of some of the party scenes in Skins, but that’s probably because I already had it in my head that Bristol is where the show is set. Probably all the drugged up kids too.

I got a first-hand look at chavs, Dancing up the front, in front of the DJ was probably almost as squishy as a front row spot at one of the main Big Day Out stages, and it’s a funny feeling knowing there’s like 100 people’s sweat all over your frickin body. I wonder if you could get pregnant this way? Carly and I did a little dance there, avoiding pregnancy, hung out chatting to talktative types outside and lining up for the outdoor portaloos. Unfortunately Wiley who was supposed to DJ never showed up (fast fact: I don’t know who Wiley is). After Motion at about 4am we caught about the 4th cab in the span of about 7 hours since my arrival back to one of Carly’s friends place. We sat on the couches, drank tea and spoke about one day going to bed.