Looking back: airport questioning to enter Israel

I arrived to catch a flight from Bangkok to Tel Aviv, got taken aside and questioned for 40 minutes on why I wanted to enter Israel, why I went to Morocco, why this passport is not my first, why I was travelling alone and didn’t know anyone here, did anyone pay for my trip, do I understand that it’s not that cheap here, did anyone put a bomb in my bag, why would I even want to come to Israel? Even playing the Jew card doesn’t work.

Had my bags searched through twice before I could board the plane. They took away my bags and the Thai girl says to me, “Make sure you check that they put everything back in your bag before you leave.” Comforting.

After speaking to many other backpackers, many went through similar scenarios.

A street party outside the Port Inn in Haifa, a long way away from the daunting questions at Bangkok airport to board the El-Al plane to Israel.

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