Crossing the line: from Israel to Jordan

As usual I got a little anxious at the border crossing. I’ve crossed many borders by land, and every time I get a little nervous. Is my passport stamped wrong? (Peru/Bolivian border). Are the guards going to be super rude and question me about irrelevant things? (Spain/Morocco border). Will I have to take 435739 different modes of transport to get from A to B? (Nepalese/Indian border). Will there be about 300 people waiting in line before me? (Bolivian/Argentinian border).

Despite knowing that this particular Israeli/Jordan border crossing (one of three) has been well-trampled since the 1994 Israel/Jordan Peace Treaty signage, I still wanted to get the ordeal over with. Also, Eilat is a suffocating 40 degrees at the moment so I wanted to beat the cruel afternoon heat. The border crossing was fairly painless minus having to wait at two different windows on the Jordanian side with about 50 other Jordanians whose process was to wave their passports in the vicinity of the window and hope theirs would be looked at next. Never had I wanted to wait in a good old fashioned line so badly.

Hell is crossing busy borders in the afternoon heat, window to window, currency changing, payment, filling out forms, collecting passport stamps, over and over again.

The Jordanians at passport control seemed really friendly. One guy even gave me a wink. Maybe that was a step too friendly.



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