The Israeli Sky

From Florentin we drove out of Tel Aviv to the middle of nowhere to witness last night’s meteor shower. We were somewhere between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, maybe. (I’m great with directions). We were: me (hence the first person plural), two English folk, one American, a fellow Aussie, three Israelis (we are of course in Israel) and one Frenchman. Being used to the Tel Aviv heat it never even occurred to us to bring something warm. Luckily someone had a blanket and one of the Israeli’s called on his military experience and advised us to lie squashed together like shivering sausages to share our warmth. It was quite cute actually. Someone also found lots of (seemingly used) tea towels in their car (who carries tea towels in their car?) so we used them to cover our legs. This also ensured things remained far from sexy.

The meteor shower itself was anticlimactic. However, each time we did see a meteor fly across the sky it was very exciting. Kind of like a shooting star but closer, brighter and longer lasting…(like the perfect man!) Some meteors felt so close I swear I could almost hear them whizz past. But maybe  that was the exaggerated sound effects people were making next to me. I lay till 4am in the morning facing the sky, squeezed between an Israeli and an American man, eating hummus and crisps (England’s word, not mine). What better way is there to spend a night? (Me: swap the American man for a Swedish man!)


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